Monday, December 26, 2011

Salt Crystal Lamps

We had a fun holiday season at our house. Exchanging gifts is always interesting with a large family, and especially now that some of the kids are grown-up and everyone loves giving gifts to each other. The exchanges ranged from such mundane items as electric roasters and pots and pan sets, to 'fantasy' high heels and three DVD seasons of "Medium"...bathrobes, bubble baths, crazy caps, books, clothes and novelty items, including a giant can of chocolate pudding and a giant can of tapioca!

One of the items that I received was a "Salt Crystal Lamp" from one of my lovely daughters.

I'm blogging today with photos of this lamp and more information on salt crystal lamps:

[QUOTE]“Salt crystal lamps are air-cleansing, energizing, healing, luminizing, relaxing, soothing, beautiful and unique! They work as a dehumidifier absorbing dust, smoke, odors, pollution, allergies, computer radiation, and more…

For ages humans have known about the positive force of salt and its uses for cleansing as well as the neutralizing effect on our health. With salt crystal lamps you bring positive characteristics and a piece of nature into your living area. Natural crystal salt lamps give you energy with their warm luminating glow. These crystals are 250 million years old. Each crystal has a different form and color and give a health-promoting effect both by their ionization and with their color.

Ionization: Air is electrically charged, i.e. there is a certain relation of positive (+) and negative (-) particles. these particles become either plus ions or minus ions. Science indicates minus ions are beneficial for our health. We spend much of our lives in closed places where positive ions, such as air conditioners, computers, televisions, smoke, and insufficient ventilation, are prevalent. The imbalance of ions has an unfavorable effect on our health. In order to achieve a balanced ion relation, room air can be enriched with minus ions. Salt crystal lamps represent a source of free negative ions in the material composition. The effect is amplified by warming the crystal with the help of a bulb.

Color: The pleasant light from the natural color is good for our mental and emotional condition. The orange color promotes cheerfulness, creativity, relaxation, and joy for life. White light supports concentration by giving you a clear head. because of their blend of colors, salt crystal lamps are ideal for harmonizing living and work spaces. They are ideal as night lights and as meditation lamps.

Salt: Long ago our ancestors recognized the life-giving and healing properties of sea salt that provided the vital connective forces and elements of nature. Salt is one element of transmutation in all of nature’s substances that enables man to walk erect, gain intelligence, and remain free. Salt is gathered with great care every day. The cosmetic origin of salt , which connects us to our cradle of life– the ocean, has important significance and the custom was to give or exchange salt when meeting new people. The connection of salt and water represents a connection of Heaven and Earth.”


  1. Oh lucky Dad you are....
    You know i am 40 years old and i have breathing and skin issues from last three years, the most amazing event of my life was when my young boy arranged my birthday dinner in salt lamps coated room from
    I wish i can upload some pictures here, but my mob camera is not working. :)

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