Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Hedgewytch Hollow: Storm Clouds, Spells, n' More

On one evening, my husband called me out of the house and pointed to the sky. He said, "Look up." And this is what I saw-- a huge long cloud bank moving in. It looked ominous-- the whole thing, which you don't see here-- like some big monster sneaking in the backdoor. It was really awesome.

I took this photo while standing in the backyard, looking south. This would have been right in the direction of town where my daughter's apartment is located. And it wasn't too much later that a funnel cloud was spotted right over the hospital, only blocks from where she lives. We were on the phone together by that time, comparing notes and watching the sky 'together', so to speak.

I took this photo after the storm. What was left when the thunder and lightening and wind had passed were tremendous cloud formations. I know that there is a technical name for these clouds, but my grandmother always called them 'booby clouds' (for obvious reasons), and she said that they go with 'bad weather', so beware when you see them. But aren't they gorgeous!
It's been a strange year, with strange weather everywhere. It started for us in May, when the temperature stayed, more often than not, in the thirties-- with a couple days that went the other way and broke heat records, reaching 100 degrees and over. I consider myself lucky if we pull through a storm and I don't have any water in the basement, and we didn't this time, so I won't complain-- I'll just enjoy the show.

I have some new spells up at 'Enchanted Jewelry'. Although these pieces have been enchanted and are ready to spread their magick just as is, I think it enhances the magick if the person who is going to wear this jewelry adds their own energies to the spell; so I often post things that they can do when they wear the piece for the first time. However, the candle magicks and mojo bags that I've suggested to be used with the jewelry can also be used on they're own. And I'm posting them here.
Eventually I'll get all the little spells and 'suggestions' that I send off with my jewelry typed up this way and posted; but I have so much going on, I won't be doing it all in one sitting.
To Aide in Spiritual Journeys

Happy Hearth Spell

To Ward Off Troublemakers

Book Updates: I've completed "The Gray Witch's Grimoire" (working title) and recently sent it off to the publisher for consideration. I was working on another book, "The Book of Magick" (also working title), simultaneously, and I finished this book just a couple weeks after sending the first one off. Then I sat down with both manuscripts to re-read and tinker, and it suddenly dawned on me...I think these books could be merged into one nice hefty volume. I contacted the editor with the outline for the second book and my suggestion, and she agreed, so I shipped this manuscript off too. In the meantime, I was going to give myself a break from any 'big' writing projects. It gets pretty intense sometimes. I'll find myself writing from very early morning till noon and suddenly realize that I haven't eaten anything, so I thought, 'it's time for a break'. But things don't always work out the way we planned, and when I sat down to my typewriter, ideas started rolling and so did my fingers to the keys...I've started a fourth book that just came to me out of the blue and seems to be writing itself. I'm going to keep the topic and the title for this one a secret until it's finished. Everyone loves a surprise! :)

This is 'Baby'. She says,"I don't want you to talk to me right now." You know when she wants to be left alone by her ears-- she lays them back and gets a snotty look on her face.

I had started a little website ages ago and then kind of forgot about it: The Goddess Grove
This website is for women, though men can certainly sneak in and take a peek, but it's basically a woman's site. If anyone thinks this is sexist, well, yep-- it is, and that's the way the old ball rolls. You won't be hearing any apologies here. Women like to get together, plain and simple. We have lots of things to talk about-- spirituality, periods, pregnancy, husbands, relationships, babies, parents, breast cancer, pap smears, boyfriends, education, magick, the goddess, and lots and lots of other issues to examine. We also have about two thousand years of religious sexism and persecution to work through-- so we have hen parties, we huddle together...laugh, cry, cuss, and shoot the breeze.

It's fun to be a woman. :)
I was working this morning on the links page-- and this is the page you'll be taken to if you click on the link above. I want to add links to this site that will help women deal with everyday mundane issues: both social issues and health issues. I feel that The Goddess Grove could be built to be a very inspirational and useful site for women. This site is a shoot-off from a similar page that I had on Myspace, with over 900 women on the friends list. When Myspace evolved, I deleted the page. It takes a lot of work to build something like this back up, but I'm just going to have to make the time to do it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dreams: Beyond the Grave

(This dream was originally posted July 9th, 2008, at Myspace.)

My father-in-law passed away in mid-June. He was a very controlling manipulative man. When he died, my husband and I were estranged from him. In my lifetime I have experienced contact with people who have passed over. I knew that the spirit of this man would come. I just didn't know how long it would take him to get a decent bearing in this new plane of existence. I was expecting him...

July 1, 2008

In this dream—

I and my husband's family were in some kind of 'house'—I don't know if it was a country club (that's kind of what it felt like), a funeral home, or what. There were large, spacious rooms, people milling about, mostly family. A kitchen area was along side these rooms—a galley kitchen. You could walk in one end and walk out the other.

My husband and I were in the kitchen together for a few minutes. I think we were slightly peeved with each other for some reason. On leaving the kitchen, my husband went into one of the spacious living rooms to watch TV, and I turned to the right and went into another.

One of my brother-in-laws, P_____, was in this room with several other people. He was sitting on a tan couch. There was no where to sit, everything was occupied. He tapped the couch between his knees and said, "Sit on the floor, over here, by me."

So I went and sat on the floor, leaning up against the couch between P_____'s legs. There was something that felt uncomfortably intimate about this situation, but I wasn't sure why. There was no reason, at that moment in my dream, to feel that way.

Not too much later, I was hungry and thirsty, so I got up and walked through the kitchen, coming out at the other end, where there was a small table of food and drinks sat up.

This table was in a smaller nook at the end of the kitchen where a dining table sat, and several men were seated around it playing cards. My father-in-law was one of these men.

When he saw me at the small table of food, he gathered the cards up and rose from his chair, coming over to me, extending his hand. I thought he wanted to shake hands, so I extended my hand and he took it in his.

In a flash of a split second, I knew I had made a mistake. He didn't want to shake my hand—he began squeezing it, gradually, fiercely, the look in his eyes evilly gleeful. He was enjoying what he was doing with unabashed devilish delight.

The strangest thing about this dream is that I knew within that split second that I was dreaming and I knew, within that dream, that I was going to have to snatch my hand away before he could really hurt me. I looked into his eyes and I said, "You bastard!", letting him know that I knew what he was up to. And I snatched my hand away at the last second, just before his grip would've tightened and I wouldn't have been able to get loose.

The irony of this dream doesn't end here. When I told my husband about this dream—and the fact that I was expecting his father's spirit to manifest here in some way—he told me that he had dreamed of his father on the same night. In my husband's dream, his father is sitting on a bench talking quietly and calmly to him. My husband told me that my father-in-law left a message for me—he said to tell me that he apologized.

Explore the World of Dreams

Do you keep a dream diary or journal?

If you don't, you should at least think about it. When you can go back and re-read dreams you've had days, weeks, months, even years ago, it casts an amazing light on numerous things: your own persona most of all, how you view the world through symbols and analogies, hidden fears- jealousies- desires, patterns of behavior, and a host of other hidden agendas and personal quirks you were unaware of. Some dreams will reveal even more. You may get a glimpse of past life experiences, as well as contact with spirits or relatives and aquaintances who have passed over-- and you will recognize these dreams when they occur.

If you decide to keep a dream diary, you should keep a notebook and pen right at your bedside. Dreams are elusive. In that split second between waking and sleeping, the dream will dissolve from your concious mind. You may wake up in the morning and know that you've been dreaming, but you will not, for the life of you, be able to remember anything about the dream itself. This can be extremely frustrating. To capture a dream, sometimes we have to jot it down as soon as we're awake enough to hold a pen, but before we've had time to think of anything else, or speak to anyone. Often this means jotting down a dream, even just the rudimentary details, in the middle of the night by little or no light. When morning comes, then we can sit down and go over our scrawled notes-- you will be amazed at how much will come back to you if you do this.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thunder, Lightening, &, Rain

Storms moved through our area last night, some pretty strong ones. My youngest daughter and I had fallen asleep together watching tv, and about 2am I was woken up by the sound of a vacuum in the basement. Water was coming in, and my husband was trying to stay ahead of it with our vacuum/shampooer, which only has a 1 gallon capacity. Eventually, as the rain got heavier and the winds whipped up, he couldn't keep up with it anymore.

About 3:30am we decided that I'd run out to Wal-mart and get a shop vac with the largest capacity I could find.

When I opened the garage door, Mother Nature was just revving up for a second round. I'll bet I stood there for about five minutes, watching the fantastic lightening, and watching the awesome cloud formations that were revealed with each new flash. I actually debated about just how smart it was to be traipsing out into this wild night.

We have a scanner, so I knew that some city streets were flooded. This meant taking a round-a-bout route to the store. Even when it's not storming, I think the atmosphere of a sleeping city is strange, especially when you're not use to being up and about at this time of night. The rain let up on my way there; and I thought, this is pretty cool, not really too bad as I scurried into Wally-world. The storm kicked back into high gear only after I had loaded the new shop vac into the back of the vehicle and was just turning the ignition key to start her up and head for home-- what timing!

I wish I could say that I had worked some incredible powerful mojo to control the weather; but no, Mother Nature just happened to be looking out for me.

Hubby was vacuuming water till after 5am this morning. And then, just as suddenly as it started coming in, it stopped.

The weather channel said that this evening it's suppose to start raining again, and it's suppose to rain through the night. If I didn't work any weather mojo for my trip to the store, you can bet that I will be working weather mojo today to keep the rain at bay.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Litha: Summer Solstice

Another Summer Solstice is almost upon us. This is a quiet holiday at our house. When my son was a little boy, he used to like to stay up through the 'witching hour' and watch for fairies. He'd get comfy in his pj's and robe; I'd gather up a lawn chair and place it beneath the large apple tree in our yard; and I'd prepare a special candle, placing it in a cauldron along with some herbs to offer the fairies. It was his time to sit quietly outside in the dark and watch for fairies, the only light being that of the candle.

Most of the time, these evenings were uneventful, but one Mid-Summer's Eve, my son's patience was rewarded.

From across the lawn, he saw what he said looked like three very small blue lights dancing along the top of the fence. Eventually these three tiny lights dropped from the fence to the lawn beneath, where they bounced around in the grass for several seconds, and then they disappeared. My son came back to the house breathless and wide-eyed to tell me what he had seen.

The next morning, we went out to investigate the grass where the lights had been. Overnight, three mushrooms had popped up to create a perfectly formed triangle in this area, and the grass in the middle of this formation was whithered and yellowed.

I can't tell you with 100% accuracy whether what my son saw were fairies or not, but that really doesn't matter. All that really matters is that one little boy had a very magickal and memorable night.

At my website, you'll find more information on Pagan holidays, including rituals and videoes. I have this link set to take you directly to "Wheel Of the Year":

The Witch's Corner

On Mid-Summer's Eve, 1980, my step-grandfather died after enduring a long and tortorous bout with throat cancer. I've always thought that perhaps, when people pass on this magickal date, the fairies that are about will help these souls cross into the Summerland.

Following are correspondences for the month of June, including correspondences and other information for the pagan holiday of Litha. This information is an excerpt from my books, "The Gray Witch's Grimoire" & "The Book of Magick", and is copyrighted material.

© The Gray Witch's Grimoire/The Book of Magick
Amythyst Raine 2011


Named for: “Juno”, chief Roman goddess and female counterpart
of Jupiter

Anglo-Saxon: Sere-monap

Birthstone: pearl, alexandrite, moonstone

Flower: rose

June Moon Magick:

Mead Moon

Herbs: almond, dill, lily, lemongrass, clover

Stones: citrine herkimer, alexandrite,
blue lace agate

Scents: lily of the valley, lavender

Colors: orange, yellow-green

Trees: oak

Deities: Isis, Green Man, Cerridwen

Elements: Air/Water

Astrological Influences for June

Gemini: ruled by Mercury, projective/masculine, mutable/air

Cancer: ruled by the Moon, receptive/feminine, cardinal/water

Pagan Holiday

Summer Solstice/Litha

June 21

This is the longest period of daylight in the year, a time of magick, fairies, and the immortalized Mid-Summer's Eve. Fairy contact is generally easier to achieve on this day, for those of you who are brave enough to invoke the mischievous little folk, that is. But don't be surprised if soon after you can't find your favorite earrings, or the car keys, or any other shiny inviting objects you may have left laying around.

This is a popular month for weddings, though few in the Christianized world realize why...The Druid's celebrated the Summer Solstice as the 'marriage between heaven & earth', and thus the popular belief that June is a 'lucky' month for marriage ceremonies.

There will be Pagan spirit gatherings all around the world at this time, the most famous and the most notable at Stone Henge, where large groups of people will light bonfires and stay up all night in order to welcome the dawn.


fennel, lavender, chamomile, cinquefoil, mugwort, thyme

Altar Flowers/Herbs:

larkspur, rose, wisteria, St. Johns Wort

Feast Foods:

apples, citrus, fruits, ale, mead, honey cakes


butterflies, frogs, toads, wrens


ylang ylang, thyme, rose, sandalwood, chamomile


all night fairy vigils, candle magick, dream work, familiar blessings, herb gathering, self-dedication, sun magick

 Crafting Your Magick:

Fairy magic will be powerful and their presence could herald both the mystical and the mischievous. Work on magic now that clarifies communication and highlights the element of Air. Use magic of the wee folk to tap into the fairy realms. Magic now is all about movement-- movement of ideas, creations, people, and places. This is the perfect time to cast spells of transformation, spells to increase/decrease, to banish/manifest. Think about where it is you want to be, either from a mental or physical perspective, and cast the magic needed to move you along to this destination.

The solar plexus is the chakras to focus on. Learn to assert yourself, or to tone down an overbearing attitude. And which energy applies to you? If you don’t know, I’ll bet the people around you do.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Updates: The Bandit of Hedgewytch Hollow & Wytchy Observations

For several nights we've had a visitor to our back porch who raided the cats' food bowls, left muddy foot prints all over the tables, and traumatized our kitty cats. The girls checked the porch the other night and, much to their surprise, they caught the culprit in the act. And here he is...

My daughter snapped this photo right through the glass on the back door-- as you can see.
I guess it's only fair that this little "Bandit" comes to visit and get his fill at Hedgewytch Hollow.

Observations, Just Saying...

1) The 'Good Ole' Boys' system is not confined to the mundane world of mainstream society. Sadly, the "Good Ole' Boys" system exists in the pagan world as well, and unfortunately, it's left a lot of casualties in its wake.

2) The Real Housewives of (Wherever)...These women spend an awful lot of time, energy, emotion, and money trying to be 'friends' with people they don't really like. And the point is???

3) Every pot of poppies that I've tried to grow dies. They appear to be in good condition when I purchase them at the greenhouse, but not long after transplanting, you can see the life being sucked right out of them-- I want poppies, lots and lots of poppies spreading out all over the place, just like my grandmother had in her yard.

4) An awful lot of women spend an awful lot of time fixating on men-- how they can catch one, why they lost one, will straying ones come back, how can keep the one they've got, etc., ad infinitum. HELLOoooo! You will never reach your full potential if you expend every ounce of energy you have and hours of mental activity obsessing on this subject. Halt!-- Stop!-- put the brakes on.
I ask you:

If there were no men in the world, what would you be interested in?

Do you draw, paint, sketch, write, sculpt, or cook like a world class chef? Are you interested in horitculture-- gardening, animals, sewing, designing-- clothes, buildings (architecture), websites, interior design, or something else that I haven't even thought of?

If you could do anything in the world you wanted to do, what would it be?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

If you could live anywhere in the world, would you stay where you are, or would you move to another location?

If you could accomplish one major feat in your life...what would it be?

The newly designed "Home Blessing Kits" are posted and ready for sale. These kits are smaller than the original, which makes them more portable, easier to tuck into your magickal bag or purse-- then off you go to cleanse and purify your neighbor's house, your friends apartment, or that haunted empty lot across town. These kits come in four colors (green, orange, lavender, pink) and include: 1 bag of sea salt, 1 bag of hyssop, 1 white taper candle, 2 sticks of incense, and 1 small bottle of "The Witches Oil" (shown in the photo of oils below).

You'll find Home Blessing Kits at Wytchy Wares, or you can go directly to Wiccan Kits & Boxes.

I finally got photos posted of the smaller bottles of magickal oils that I'm offering at my site: Break the Hex Oil (aka Uncrossing Oil); Money Mojo (aka Prosperity Oil); The Witches' Oil; Banish the Spirits (aka Exorcism Oil); and Good Health Mojo.

These oils are $8.00 a bottle. However, I'm still selling the large no-nonsense jars of oil for anyone who likes to buy magick in a generous quantity. For more information, you can visit my online shop: Wytchy Wares. Or you can go directly to Oils/Potions/Powders.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Hot Day

I'm working on one of those in-depth 36 card tarot spreads. I'm not sure anyone really knows how much work they are. It virtually amounts to a written interpretation for each card, plus a general overview, and a summation for any specific questions that the client might have. Like I said, it's a lot of work, but it's also a fascinating process. As I draw cards and squint at the varied images, colors, shapes, and archetypes, a stranger's life begins to unfold before me. Weird. At times it makes me feel like a voyeur, often hesitant to reveal too much, less the client feel that their personal space is being invaded. Wouldn't want that.

For anyone who doesn't know already-- we have a pet chicken. A white hen named Miss Cletus. She was actually just plain Cletus when she was a chick and we thought she was a rooster. We kept watching her scaly little legs for the development of spurs, which never arrived, but one day her first egg did. That's when she became "Miss". She generally lays her egg in a large carrier box that is her home in the house, or in the doghouse that's in the kennel she inhabits when she's outdoors. But one day I found a present left for me in a kitchen chair. It was bound to happen...

My pot of violas dried up-- drat. It's my fault, I didn't get out yesterday to water them, and with the tearing hot wind we've had, everything that's in a pot has to be watered everyday. Of course, I felt bad and so I over compensated by watering the whithered plants until the water ran out the bottom drain hole in a steady stream. When I checked on them just a little while ago, I was delightfully surprised to see that they have actually perked up and look almost hopeful. I feel guilty, like I've neglected something helpless, so I'm going to go out later this evening and water them again.

We have three cats in our barn who were raised there over the winter by their mother. They are very wild, and we've never gotten a chance to get up close and personal with any of them, though we've had a lot of fun watching them and their antics from the kitchen window. Two of them are on the adventurous side and have gone off on their own, to return now and then in order to rest up and fill up on large bowls of cat food we put out for them. The third one is not so adventurous. In fact, it looks as though he may become a permanent fixture to Hedgewytch Hollow-- our resident 'Wild Cat'.

One night my daughter went out to check his food and water and make sure his box and bedding were dry, when she discovered his hiding place-- the rafters overhead. She could hear him up there, and even see a pinch of his black fur peeking through a knothole. We decided to take my camera out to the barn, leave the flash on, and see what we got.

This is the result:

This cat is a beautiful black angora with a gray tinge to his long fur, and he looks suspiciously like my black angora, Pyewacket. I've sat Pyewacket down and had a long talk with him, but he seems to be following the old rule: admit nothing and deny, deny, deny.


Uncanny, isn't it.

I packed up tubs of magickal merchandise Friday evening so that all I'd have to do Saturday morning was load them in my vehicle and take off for our yardsale. I had a helper-- my boy, Salem. He is the Prince of Cats at our house. He is the most personable in-your-face intimate cat that I've ever had. Actually, he acts more like a dog, which includes coming when you call and snap your fingers. He's either sitting on us, laying near us, watching us, or sleeping between us. He follows us everywhere, and he was extraordinarily curious and interested in my tubs and my stuff. He crawls into every box and container that is open, and this has included my jewelry box and the kitchen cupboard. I had to keep lifting him out of a tub and shooing him away from the herbal spell bags. Salem woke my husband out of a sound sleep the other night when he almost fell out of bed and instinctively caught himself by grabbing my husband's bare foot with extended white claws. It was a rude awakening.

I love hearing from all the interesting people out there. We have a surprisingly diverse Pagan community in the country, and it's fun to compare notes on all sorts of things, not only magickal practices and spiritual paths, but the more mundane issues which center around being Pagan in a largely Christian society. However, I don't do spells for people-- the personal energy you have invested in whatever it is you're whipped up enough to work magick on is going to be ever so much more powerful and successful than anything anyone else could do. Believe me. I also do not take business calls on the weekends-- especially holiday weekends, before 9am, or after 6pm. Otherwise, I love ya'. :)

In honor of "Wicked", which was playing at the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha, I went "green". My daughter went to see the play and *Loved* it, she also loved the live theatre experience.

Till next time...


Sunday, June 5, 2011

New-Age Boutique Yardsale/June 2011

Twice a year we have a unique yardsale boutique which includes arts and crafts, new-age metaphysical items, tarot readings, and chakra balancing. This year our sale was held at a coven sister's home, where we enjoyed the atmosphere of a Magickal Woods.

Below you'll find still photos and commentary on our unique yardsale, and at the end of this post, you'll find live video, which includes a tour through the Magickal Woods and a visit from one of our more colorful clientele: "Nancy Flatbush".

This year our vendors included:

"A Touch of Country" by Jamie Clarke

"Wood Carvings" by Ron Clarke

Stones, Pendulums, Jewelry, & Spell Bags by Mare Ryder

Mare also balanced Chakras, and this was wildly popular. She was kept busy throughout the day providing this service:

Merchandise from The Witch's Corner
(Tarot Readings are also one of the services offered at these events.)

We have a unique clientele and interesting individuals are always showing up at our yardsales. This year, however, we were surprised and entertained by the appearance of "Nancy Flatbush". We have a feeling that Ms. Flatbush is going to have to make future appearances at our yardsales.

Live Video:

Twice a year we have a unique yardsale boutique which includes arts and crafts, new-age metaphysical items, tarot readings, and chakra balancing. This year our sale was held at a coven sister's home, where we enjoyed the atmosphere of a Magickal Woods. Come and see...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Short & Sweet Tarot Readings (video)

"Short & Sweet" readings are quick three-card-spreads that are meant to get right to the point. I came up with this concept to provide brief and entertaining tarot videos. It should be noted that my online (emailed/handwritten) three card spreads, although much more brief than the longer more in-depth readings offered, are not nearly this brief. I was also very aware that each of these readings will click with someone out there, and sure enough, I've already heard from people who told me the reading they watched could pertain to them...this is just the way the tarot works.