Monday, July 23, 2012

King of Cups

Romantic, highly sexual, insipid, quiet, lazy, hedonistic, intuitive, stubborn, sensitive, unambitious, complacent...these are just a few of the words that will describe this tarot king. The King of Cups is the least verbal of the kings. Whether you're waiting for a soliloquy of undying love and devotion, or a clear explanation for his actions, you are not going to receive it from this character. The one ironic twist to this king is that although he doesn't have the skills or the desire to express himself, his lack of expression does not mean that he doesn't have the capacity for feeling deeply.

At his best he's romantic and chivalrous, as long as this means that he doesn't have to stand up for anything; and he's gentle. At his worst he's lazy and passive aggressive, which generally tends to come off as childishness, and he tends to be promiscuous. He's also exceedingly stubborn and often has a skewered perception of any given situation. This King indulges his appetites, whatever they may be, with unabashed abandon, and of course, no explanation or apologies.

The King of Cups, though quiet and mostly passive, will become stubborn and sullen when confronted with opposition. He also tends to retreat from contact with those who annoy him, or with anyone who has pushed him past his limit-- and this king does have a limit to how much he will tolerate, though you will never know, until it's too late, that you've reached this limit, because he will never speak up.

The King of Cups is closely associated with the element of Water; the herb palmetto; and the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Starlit Insights: Elemental Invocation

Elemental Invocation

The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water…gather here, at the crossroads of reality, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, where time does not exist, where the past and future are one.

Touch me now, with all my senses, including those that rise above the mundane, so that I may feel your presence, feel your power, feel the essence of what constitutes your being.

You are, I am.

Earth…you are the soft and glossy fur of an animal beneath my hand; you are the agonizing pain of birth; you are the solidity of the ground beneath my feet.

Air…you are my first breath and my last; you are the spark of my creativity; you are the mental connection I maintain in this life with those I love.

Fire…you are the passion that fuels my enthusiasm and resolve; you are my instinct for survival; you are what compels me to leave common sense behind and unleash the instincts of the animal within.

Water…you are my visions and my dreams; you allow me to see past the physical world to other realms and possibilities; you are my second sight, my empathy, my connection to spirits that walk the earth.

You are, I am.

Touch me now, touch me now to light me from within, that I may feel, that I may grow, that I may see, that I may know.

© Amythyst Raine 2011

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Mysteries of Magickal Manifestation: The Infamous Vacuum

The following is an excerpt from my online book: "Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way"

The rule is-- if you empty a space, creating a vacuum, something else will fill this space. This is true not only from a magickal perspective, but from a mundane vantage point as well-- it’s called ‘physics’. The thing is that once you’ve emptied this space, i.e. banishing something/someone, you have no control over what is going to fill this vacuum which you have created.

I learned this pointedly through an interesting lesson.

We use to have a neighbor who lived behind us, a rather unusual elderly man who’s behavior was becoming consistently more erratic as time went on. Until we put a fence up between our properties, he would set his self-propelled tractor sprinkler in the middle of our basket ball court as it’s starting point. My children didn’t like this and neither did I. If I wanted to water my lawn, I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. He was a cross-dresser, which is really beside the point, but it’s an intriguing fact that I’m going to toss in anyway. I remember many a morning, up early for my first cup of coffee, I’d step out onto the back porch, and there was this man, his garage lit up like a circus, just climbing into his car wearing a white skirt, a red sweater and heels to match. He was off to the local cafĂ© for breakfast.

It was when he began mowing his lawn in nothing but briefs and tennis shoes that I became concerned. “Briefs” is a generous description for what he wore. Let’s say that there was just enough material to cover the necessities-- barely. My girls were younger at the time, and I really didn’t feel that they needed this show, and neither did they, it was a little too much.

I decided that it was time for this man to take a hike. So I rolled up my sleeves, put a whopping banishing spell together, and gave this guy a magickal punch to his mid-section. Within a moon phase, he was gone.

I was feeling quite pleased with my big old powerful witchy self, when I came through the kitchen one morning to find my husband standing at the backdoor, his nose pressed to the glass, peering over the fence, into the ex-neighbor’s back yard.

“What are you looking at?”, I asked.

“The new neighbor.” he says.

I wanted to see what was capturing his attention, so I took a look myself. There in the backyard, bouncing merrily along on a huge riding mower, was a very petite gorgeous tanned blonde woman in a very tiny pink bikini.

This online book contains the correspondences and instruction you need to work magick at its most intriguing, to work magick that is geared for personal empowerment, protection, and justice. For white magick and magick that falls in shades of gray, this book will become a handy resource for the white witch with an empowering twitch, as well as the gray witch following her unique path.

Included in this volume: How Does Real Magick Work; Forms of Magick: Sympathetic Magick, Comparative Magick, Directive Magick, Transference Magick; The Mysteries of Magickal Manifestation; Money, Money, Come to Me; Creating Magickal Space; Magickal Supplies; 12 Months of Magick; 7 Days of Magick; Animal Magick; Magick for Love n' Money; Mojo Magick; Magick Oils- Potions- Powders; Crystal Magick; Candle Magick; Magickal Alphabets and Symbols; Witches' Bottles; Essential Oils; Kitchen Magick; Good Luck Charms; Questions and Answers; Magickal Substitutions; Terms and Lingo

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Transitions & Journeys

This year is weird.  We've said so, my girls and I, from the very beginning.  There's just been something different about it right off the bat.  It started with March and unseasonably warm weather that never ended.  In my neck of the woods, there have been some years when we couldn't plant tomatoes until the end of May because of cold weather.  This March I kept waiting for the freakish warm period to end and real Nebraska spring-- cold, wet, and messy--  to start.  It never did. 

From there, we sit now in sizzling unbearable summer heat.

Along with the odd weather, personal circumstances have changed dramatically, and with this change I became one of the millions of people out there with a 'real' 8 hour a day job.  This has meant an adjustment for me and my girls, who have always been use to having me home 24/7.  It's meant an intensive training period for me which has cut into all my other activities, mostly writing.  I'm just now managing to combine my private persona and what I am and do with the 'me' that I have to portray to the public 40 hours a week.  It leaves one with a sense of identity crisis, as you feel that you lose yourself in a way, if only temporarily.

I justed wanted to update personal friends, aquaintances, and those of you who follow my blog and buy my books and merchandise.  I wanted to let you know that I'm still doing what I've always done, but maybe at a slower pace.  I just approved the copy-edited manuscript for my next book, "Tarot for Grownups", and am anxious to receive the galleys and the cover art.  I'll post more information, including a release date, when this information is made available to me.  I'm also working on my fifth book, which I hope to have completed by next May-- that's my goal.  My daughter, a talented artist with a bachelor's degree in studio art, has been commissioned to do the cover-- can't wait to see what she creates.

I've enjoyed today.  I spent a great deal of the morning creating magickal oils for a client who had placed a large order with my website (The Witch's Corner).  There were earrings to enchant, spell bags to make, hoodoo candles to bring to life, and magick to make...some things will never change.

(Makin' Magick Round the Kitchen Table)