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The Witch's Diary: Gypsy's Magic Spell/7 Card Reading

1/This is you:
The Wheel of Fortune

First impression:  Jupiter (expansion, money issues, business issues, growth– an interest in, or an active participation in, business activities).  The idea of three aspects to some area of your life (the triple goddess; three times ’round (3 marriages, serious relationships, etc.); three choices; three victories/three failures; three days/months/weeks until an important event–if you actually have something specific coming up in one of these time frames, and there is a decision involved, know that it’s going to turn out in your favor.

As I’ve said, you must tend to be lucky in games of chance, or life in general.  Lady Luck tends to sit on your shoulder, don’t brush her off– this can be done by any number of ways; with some people it just amounts to poor choices, with others it’s a matter of not listening to that little voice in their head.

2/ This is your defense:
The Devil

First impression:  “The devil made me do it.” (remember the black comedian whose tagline this was?)  There comes the idea of not taking the blame for something that may not be working out.  If there are any negative issues standing around in the limelight when this card pops up, the situations (and the results) are pretty much self-inflicted.

Someone may be asking for help; seeking advice; reaching for a life-line; trying to get your attention (unless it’s you trying to get someone else’s attention).  The snake (a totem animal):  wisdom, kundalini energy, the goddess, temptation, a connection with the earth (in a spiritual sense, as Gaia).  Again, there is the idea that three individuals are involved here– like two to one, but it’s a little hazy (possibly three women, or two women & one man).  The element of Earth– emphasis on the physcial aspect of life, the material things, those things of the body– pay close attention to health issues, Dr. appointments, scheduled physicals, etc.

3/ This is what you are afraid of:

First impression:  You’re afraid of losing someone, or you have already experienced this, and you don’t want to go through it again.  Really!?…the idea of “3” comes once more with this card, as in three losses; the saying, “Three times the pain”; “Bad things come in threes”; but also, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”; “Time heals all wounds”.

We all fear losing someone we love, but when this card comes up for an individual in a reading, it touches home in a more direct and intimate way, either through a previous experience, a touch of dejavu, or a future event.  I’m also under the impression that you are “trying to swim upstream”; “going against the current”; maybe you are “fighting a losing battle”…which would mean it’s time to regroup and consider a different strategy, a different way of looking at something.  As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

4/ This is what drives you:

First impression:  There’s a woman behind you, and a strong woman she is.  She may very well hold the ‘key’, the answer to your question, the solution to your situation; you only have but to trust her and confide in her.

This woman is holding something, something which may give her power and energy; hopefully this isn’t something she is holding ‘against’ you, but rather, something that is totally coming off of her, something defining in her personality, her life-decisions, her morals, her strength.  The idea of the auroboris (the snake circled around, holding its own tail in its mouth– a symbol of eternity).  The element of Fire:  passion; justice; survival; equality; fair play extremely strong emotions– whatever they might be, including love, lust, anger.  I just want to add that when this Queen is in your corner, her loyalty is flawless, and she will protect you to the end.  If this Queen is your enemy, she is one of the most vicious and vindictive you can imagine.

Also– if you need ‘fighting energy’ for anything in your life right now, it’s this Queen’s energy, this card, that implies it’s at your fingertips.

5/This is what you are left with:

First impression:  You are not happy with the way something turned out; you’re avoiding an issue; you’re being stubborn, you may be turning down an offer you should accept– or you may even be totally unaware of it.

This card often implies that you are tired;  you’re tired of having to think about something; you’re tired from trying to solve something; you’re over-worked; you need a break; you don’t want to pay attention anymore.  You’re waiting for something.  Also coming to mind, the saying, “My plate is full”…and believe it or not, here comes the “3” again– this is really starting to intrigue/puzzle me.  There must be some incredibly meaningful universe-centered reason that this number is coming up– even if it’s not glaringly apparent to me, it might be to you, whose life it is impacting.

6/This is what the future will bring:
Eight-Swords ®

First impression:  A release; freedom.  With this first impression comes the idea that at the moment you may feel trapped, or uncertain of how to proceed, unsure of what path you wish to take.  You also may feel like your hands are tied and you  are helpless to make necessary changes.

Sunrise, and the idea of future events ahead; sunset, and the idea of completion, coming to the end of something.  Help…the figure on this card is imploring and trapped, confined and restrained.  Bottom line here, and it’s positive (really), is that this period is coming to a conclusion.  Freedom, release, and the idea of seeing your future clearly, is right around the corner.

7/This is what brings you back down to earth:
Four-Pentacles ®

First impression:  a tremendously grounded individual, though things might be a bit up in the air at the moment.  You like things stable, consistent, sound and granite-like.  Someone who likes to be in control, on top of issues– and again, things around you may not be this way, or at least they may not feel this way to you right now.  Never mind, though, you generally land on your feet.

Money issues; and this issue is such a huge deal that in most people’s lives it can be a dominating factor.  (Making a living, for those of us who are ordinary individuals, is no joke.)  The idea of “Getting a grip”; “Hanging on for the ride”; “Buckling down”, all come to mind.  Checkerboard– black and white issues (where are the shades of gray?); thinking with your heart instead of your head.



It’s said of cats that they can move magickally through time and space, visiting the Land of Fairy, where no human can safely travel. It’s also said that cats can cross the boundaries of a magickal circle, a witch’s sacred space, without breaking the circle or disturbing the energy. Cats are also very sensitive to spirits and other paranormal entities, so watch your cat carefully, it will tell you when something is lurking about. We personally experienced this one day as my girls and I sat watching our calico cat mysteriously circle an invisible something in the middle of the living room floor. She tightly circled around it, hair standing on end, cautiously reaching inward to sniff whatever it was, and jerking her head back, as though to stay out of its reach. It suddenly startled her. She jumped straight in the air, all four feet off the ground, and took off racing out of the living-room. Had I not seen this with my own eyes, it would have been hard to believe. I’m glad I had witnesses to this truly remarkable incident.
It is especially unlucky to harm a black cat, as this is a favorite form for spirits to take, and not every black cat you see is actually a cat– but a spirit in disguise.  Black cats have, over the centuries, suffered greatly because of their association with Witches and their reputation as Witches’ familiars.  In Italy, even today, thousands of black cats are slaughtered every year in the name of superstition.  It’s recommended to black cat owners here in the U.S. that they keep their felines indoors over Samhain (Halloween) night, as black cats are often targeted for abuse because of their connection to witches and this holiday.
Cats are independent, intelligent, not likely to suffer fools.  They may be loyal, but the recipient of that loyalty must be deserving of it.  Cats are agile, silent, cunning, excellent and vicious hunters, aloof, and sometimes lazy.
Catnip is commonly used in sleeping potions, and the herb is well-known for the intoxicating effect it has on cats.  Catnip is also sacred to all Pagan Gods/Goddesses who manifest in the form of a cat or other feline creature– this would include the Egyptian goddess, Bast; as well as the Norse goddess, Freya.
Element:  Water; Planet:  Venus; Energy:  Feminine (receptive)
Used in animal magick and for healing pets, increases the psychic bond with animals. Use as a tea for happiness and relaxation. Can also be used during meditation, increases psychic abilities. Useful in love magick- try burning dried leaves for love wishes.
Valerian is used in sleeping potions and dream pillows.  It’s said that the scent of valerian is irresistible to cats and if they find it in your garden, they will dig it up.
Element:  Water; Planet:  Venus; Energy:  Feminine (receptive)
Valerian is a muscle relaxant and tranquilizer. Use for dream magick and sleep protection baths. Keep in the home or grow in the garden to aid in keeping harmony. May be used to purify a ritual space. Useful in consecrating incense burners. Drink tea daily, in moderate doses, during times of purification.
Rue is used to keep cats away, whether from digging in your garden, or hunting the birds gathering around your feeders.  This would probably also work to keep them off your bed and the kitchen table.  Since I find my cats’ presence at both of these places enjoyable, I’ll forego the Rue at these spots.  Cats dislike the scent of Rue, which is purported to have been used in the middle-ages as a talisman of protection against witches and their familiars.
Element:  Fire; Planet:  Mars; Energy:  Masculine (projective)
Use Rue in purification baths to break hexes or curses; use in exorcism incense; use the magick of Rue to return-to-sender any negative energy or negative magick sent your way.  *Odd Note:  it’s said that Rue works best when stolen and replanted in your garden, where it will– ironically– protect your home and grounds from thieves.
Cats are considered to be the animal that is the ally of gamblers and games of chance; they are believed to bring good luck and success in these endeavors.  Following are spells of luck, gambling, and goddess invocation, through cat magick:
Lucky Cat Spell
Candles in the shape of cats are the figure candles most associated with gambling magic.  Red, black or green candles may all be used.  Let your intuition guide you:
1.  Inscribe the candle with your name, identifying information, and any lucky numbers.
2.  Dress it with Black Cat Oil, or another gamblers lucky oil.
3.  Burn the candle.
Lucky Cat Candle Spell
Lucky cat candles help fulfill your wishes.  Color coordinate to suit the nature of the wish:  use green for money, red for love, and black to resolve problems.
1.  Carve and dress the candle as you will.
2.  Write your wish succinctly and explicitly on a piece of paper.
3.  Burn the paper; use this paper to light the candle, rather than a match.
4.  Murmur wishes, incantations, and sacred verses, at least until the paper has completely burned to ash.
Spirit Petition:  Freya Cat Spell
There is an old Norse tradition of paying tribute to the goddess Freya by feeding milk to cats.
1.  Put out milk for stray cats.  If you don’t live in an area with stray cats, bring contributions to a shelter or adopt a gray stray cat.
2.  Feeding isn’t done mundanely, by rote, but as a conscious offering; speak with Freya simultaneously, explain your needs, desires, or broken heart, and request assistance.
3.  Pay attention– the response may come through the cats

Kitchen Witchery: Common Herbs/Magickal Energy

I’ll be randomly adding a new topic to this BlogSpot and posting information specific to this magickal practice….Kitchen Witchery.  I’ve already posted articles on this topic, and you can find them at this blog by typing ‘kitchen witchery’ or ‘kitchen witch’ into the search box.
“Kitchen Witchery”:  Old garden variety witchcraft…the “green” witch; the wise-woman; the magickal herbalist; the mundane wife and woman of the house; the mysterious woman whose back porch is graced with cats, the unusual house down the block– where wild animals are inexplicably drawn; the garden that sprouts petunias, peonies, rosemary, and sage, along with nightshade, mugwort, and blessed thistle. 

“Kitchen Witchery”:  Old-fashioned witchery, the easy non-ritualistic, non-neo anything type of magick, that’s what this blog post is about.  It’s about the world of a real witch, not the flashy media type of witch, not the fashionable neo-pagan witch, but women who practice the Old Ways– women of all shapes and sizes and ages; magickal practices that are drawn out of a hat, worked up with simplicity, worked matter-of-factly.  This particular blog post is about the “green” aspect of Kitchen Witchery, the herbs– the flowers, the spices, and them thar’ weeds.  This blog post is going to contain a list of herbs that are used for both regular mundane culinary purposes, as well as witchcraft and magick.  Work with what you have, find magick in everyday items, and this most definitely includes plants, herbs for a wide variety of magickal intentions and good old honest spell-crafting.

The following list of twenty herbs are herbs that I’ve personally used; and these herbs can be found in my own kitchen cupboards, flowerpots, or herb garden.
How do you use the Herbs?
Charms & Sachets: Herbs are added to mojo bags or tied up in small cloth bundles for numerous intentions and carried in a purse, stuffed in a pocket, tucked beneath a pillow, hidden in the attic, laid upon your altar, or kept in a special place connected to your intentions. The use of herbs in the practice of magic is only limited by your own imagination and ingenuity.
Incense: Herbs are ground and blended in numerous combinations to create an aromatic incense for rituals, specific intentions, or pure enjoyment. Witchcraft smells good– usually, this was one of my first impressions. But then you might find yourself creating concoctions that don’t smell so good, or are ‘unusual’ to say the least, and these concoctions will do their work, dance their dance, and you’ll love them just the same.
Baths & Washes: Herbs are dropped into bathwater in tea balls, bundles, or sprinkled liberally directly in your water for healings, cleansings, and numerous other intentions. I must warn you here that you should be knowledgeable about the herbs you are using, and don’t use anything that would be irritating to your skin: for instance, ‘hot’ herbs– like cayenne pepper, or stinging herbs– like nettles, would not add to a pleasant bathing experience. If you run across anything that you are personally sensitive too, I’m betting you’ll remember what it is and you won’t use it again.
Oils: This is my favorite use of herbs. They are used in the creation of magickal oils. The base you use for your oils may depend on your intentions– when making Black Cat Oil for protection, use castor oil; if you’re making it to draw romance into your life, use almond oil. Grape seed oil makes another wonderful base, though it’s a bit expensive. If you’re pinched for funds, you can use olive oil, or even a cheaper oil from the grocery store.
Teas: This is one of the most delightful ways to use herbs, by making a delicious old-fashioned pot of tea. And it’s in this type of use that you must be very cautious about what herbs you‘re using. Make darn sure that you are 100% positive that the herbs you’re adding to your pot of tea are edible and harmless.
Smoking: Shamans and spiritualists have smoked herbs for millennia for the purpose of vision questing, altering the sub-conscious mind, and opening oneself up to enlightenment. I have friends, dear witches– mothers, grandmothers, crones– who burn such herbs as mugwort before rituals or during divination sessions to benefit from the magic of the smoke. Native Americans may still legally use peyote, a very potent hallucinogen, during their spiritual rituals and vision quests.
thyme:  love, purification, courage, health, healing, sleep, psychic powers
sage:  purification, exorcism, protection, longevity
rosemary:  protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification,healing, sleep, youth/beauty
coriander:  love, health, healing
cardamom:  lust, love
anise:  protection, purification, youth
fennel:  protection, healing, purification
marjoram: protection, love, health, happiness, money
ginger:  love, money, success, power
basil:  love, exorcism, wealth, protection
dill:  protection, money, lust, love
oregano:  exorcism, protection
allspice:  money, luck, healing
cinnamon:  spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love
cloves:  protection, exorcism, love, money
bay:  protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength
licorice root: lust, love, fidelity
cumin:  protection, fidelity, exorcism, protection against theft
garlic:  protection, purification, exorcism
mint:  money, good fortune, prosperity
The following are a few of my favorite ways to tease the magick from “The Green”.
You can carry a leaf of mint in your wallet, where your money lay, allowing it to soak up the energy for prosperity.  I carry a mojo bag in my purse containing mint, patchouli, a stone– aventurine, and a gold coin.
You can add a pinch of ginger to whatever spell you are doing in order to speed the magick up.  Think of it as the fast forward button of magickal herbs.
Sage is such a standard herb in the practice of witchcraft.  Use it for cleansing and purification by smudging with it.  The cleansing smoke of sage will clear the air of negative energy, unwanted entities, and any other spiritual/emotional/psychological ‘grime’.
You can write your wish on a whole bay leaf, wrap it in a small white cloth, and keep it carefully tucked away until your wish comes true…then burn it in the flame of a candle and scatter the ashes to the wind.
Rosemary is a cleansing herb, almost as popular as sage, but in a different way.  Where sage is mysterious and ancient and conjures up pictures of shamans and rituals, rosemary is the practical old washerwoman, down on her knees with her chapped red hands, scrubbing away the dirt.  And you will take advantage of this aspect of rosemary by adding a pinch of this herb to your wash water when mopping the floor.  You’ll be washing away much more than the physical dirt.
I think that one of the most popular uses for cloves is to shut the big fat mouth of an obnoxious gossip.  If it were me– and it may have been *smile*– I’d make a poppet of this offensive creature, as much to the likeness as possible, and I’d stuff it’s mouth *full* of cloves.
This herb wreaks of Love Energy, and you can sprinkle it, ever so subtly, into a cup of tea to serve to the one that you desire.  Before you hand this cup to the target, take a sip of tea yourself.
Use this herb for the smudging properties of the smoke.  Oregano will keep your in-laws away.  All you have to do is smudge their photo along with every single entrance into your home.  It works– believe me. :)
These are just a few ideas for the magickal use our herbs.  I’m sure that the creative witches out there will come up with even more inventive ways of tapping into this natural magick.
For more information on the magickal use of herbs,  as well as a more comprehensive– and alphabetized– list, follow this link to my website, “The Witch’s Corner”
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*Note:  Some of this information originally appeared in the June 2011 newsletter from

Just Saying

Magick & Witchcraft

1.  People get so upset about the fine line between ‘black’ magick and ‘white’ magick.  There really isn’t any line at all.  The intensity and direction of our magick depends upon our boundaries and how deeply we will allow someone to encroach upon our territory, our person, our life…when these boundaries are broached, that’s usually when magick begins to take on shades of gray…and in that case, it winds up being about protection and self-preservation.
2.  What kind of witch am I?…The ‘me’ that I normally am naturally slips into the witch that already exists.  If you are a normally bitchy person, you’re going to be one fine and mighty bitchy witch.  If you are a passive individual, so shall you be a passive witch.  The witch that you are is so wrapped up with the psyche that is ‘you’ that it is one and the same– indistinguishable from the rest of your humanity.


1.  The best writing that I’ve ever done is writing that I get lost in.
2.  Literature Classes…The most idiotic thing– this teacher in a Literature class in high school had us read some prose, and then she had us tell her how we interpreted it.  So I read it, and I told her.  I don’t remember today exactly what it was I read, but I do remember the intensity of feeling it created and the enthralling layers of personalities and possiblities that unfolded.

When I finished telling this teacher my breathless interpretation of this prose, she quietly and unceremoniously told me that I was wrong.

“Now”, she begins, “this is what it really means…”

I was stunned and crestfallen– had everything that I had experienced during my reading been false?


Some people should never teach art or literature…those people who are trapped inside an invisible box they can’t see out; those people who are trapped in small minds and small lives; those people who can only justify their existence by feigned superiority; those people who insist that everyone must view the world through their eyes; those people who color all flowers red and all leaves green; those people who only see the sky as blue.


1.  The older I get, the nearer the past seems.
2.  Life doesn’t slow down as you get older, it winds itself up tighter so that you have to run faster.

~ Amythyst Raine

Amythyst autumn 1

The Witch's Diary

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Tarot: Card of the Day/2-Cups...Motherpeace Tarot

Partnership, pairing, and sharing. As much as our individuality is respected and held sacred, so is our ability to share our lives, our world, our bodies, and our selves with another human being. Whether we are mated to someone through romantic love, creative endeavors, ideas, familial connections, or simply choice-- this is a sacred union because what is part of us is touching another individual, adding to the experience of their life in ways we might not even realize. The fluidity of relationships is highlighted with this card, represented by the ocean and a pair of dolphins interacting on a blue horizon. Partnerships are not stagnant and are constantly metamorphosing to encompass change, changes within the partnership itself and changes to the individual. Because of its fluidity, partnerships, friendships, and special connections may not always be forever, but may touch our lives at a moment when it is most needed, when this connection will be most beneficial.</

The Foot: Request for Healing Energy

There's a new blog post at my personal BlogSpot, along with a request for healing/positive energy for my husband, Joe:
(click Here to view the post)
*Thank you to everyone who sends healing/positive energy, and especially to all energy workers out there for your time and talents.
Blessings, Amythyst

Poppets: Love 'em or Leave 'em, Cure 'em or Curse 'em

When you purchase poppets from my website, they are charged and ready to go-- all that's left is for you to add a 'personal' touch with a photo, a lock of hair, a signature, etc. But did you know that there is a ritual to 'breathe them to life' ? Well there is, and I'm passing one on to you which I wrote myself. It would be preferable to work this magic within a cast circle. If you aren't a practiced occultist, know that this ritual is not a requirement-- but I won't tell you that it doesn't make a difference, because it sure can.
Assemble those items that correspond to the four elements-- a bowl of water, a lit candle, an incense of your choice, and a bowl of salt.
1. Cast your circle & call the quarters.
2. Have your altar prepared, the color of your altar cloth, the herbs and stones present all corresponding to your intentions.
3. Upon this altar place the items belonging to the elements.
4. Take a few moments to ground yourself, to gather your energy, to fill your mind and this magical space with your intentions for this poppet.
5. Lay the doll upon the altar.
For the element of Earth:
Take a handful of salt and sprinkle it across the figure, saying:
"I infuse you with Earth, that you feel physical touch."
For the element of Air:
Take the doll in your hands and hold it in the smoke of the incense, turning it, moving it, that it is consumed with the smoke, saying:
"I infuse you with Air, that you think."
For the element of Fire:
Lay the doll upon the altar once more and hold the burning candle above it, saying:
"I infuse you with Fire, that your passion be unquenchable and you feel the heat of my fury (or love, hate, etc.)"
For the element of Water:
Dip your right hand into the bowl of water and sprinkle the water upon the poppet as it lay on your altar, saying:
"I infuse you with Water, that your emotions be overwhelming."
6. Leave the poppet lay on the altar. Take a deep breath and slowly lean over it, until you hover above it's mouth, your own lips almost touching it. Exhale now, allow your breath to escape from your body in one long warm draught of air. And this breath shall enter the poppet and give it life.
7. Open your circle, dismiss the quarters. Do with the poppet what you must, according to your intentions.