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Aces: New Beginnings for the New Year

Aces 2
The Aces
The Aces herald beginnings, beginnings in love, finance, money ventures, or mental endeavors—according to cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Beginnings may be strong and powerful, overwhelmingly passionate, or rife with potholes and points of contention we should be cautious with. Beginnings are always exciting, often unexpected, and lead us on a journey through life which often winds up at the door of our destiny.
Ace of Pentacles
Since the Aces herald beginnings and this one usually deals with those things connected to the element of Earth, and more specifically—money, material goods, acquisitions, growth and expansion; you’re coming into something substantial when this card shows its face. Upright, this card bodes well for new and upcoming financial ventures. This card tells us it’s a good time to start that business, make that investment you were thinking of, or even buy that lottery ticket.
But reversed, this card is like a little tap on the shoulder, a little voice in our ear whispering, “Be careful!” It can also suggest that there is a weasel lurking amongst your financial and business associates. It’s warning us to check contacts carefully, consider motives, use your intuition and don’t be rushed into something when you don’t feel certain.
Ace of Swords
The suit of swords deals with the element of Air, the mental aspect of life—communication, study, writing, thought processes, that intangible part of us, but the part of us that connects us to the world through our human intelligence. Upright, this Ace may be telling us that we’re going to pass that test, that it might be a good time in life to go back to school, start writing that book, or to sharpen up on a few subjects we’ve always found interesting.
Reversed, however, the Ace of Swords can be a brutally painful card. It may be speaking to us of emotional and mental abuse or illness, or some other form of mental instability. This card may be telling us that we have to work harder at mental endeavors in order to succeed. It may be warning us about decisions we have made, or are about to make, that may not be in our best interests. Sometimes this reversed card is trying to tell us that we may be our own worst enemy.
Ace of Wands
The set of wands are often centered around business and finances. Since wands are associated with the element of Fire, there seems to be more passion, more urgency, more movement in this area than pentacles promote. Again, we’re at beginnings and the beginning of any ventures whether in finance or romance, often begins with a walloping amount of passion. Upright, this card is like a no holes barred flashing green light. “Go for it!” it shouts in our ear.
But reversed, this card may be warning us that a situation is too hot to handle. It’s telling us to be careful, be cautious, think things through and slow down. We may be playing with fire, and who wants to get burned? This card, reversed, is warning us to temper unbridled passion and enthusiasm with a little common sense and restraint. If you’re at the beginning of any financial endeavor, double check contracts, verify information, and look into alternative sources.
Ace of Cups
The suit of cups is attuned to relationships, love, and romance. If you drew this card and you are single, there’s a very good possibility that love is coming your way. If you drew this card and you are in a relationship or married, odds are that there will be a renewal of those first sparks you experienced early on with your partner.
This card also heralds blessings, a communion—of body, mind, and spirit, a new spiritual awakening and enlightenment, the discovery of a new life path and destiny.
When reversed, this Ace speaks of loss—a loved one is gone—sometimes suggesting that they have moved on to another relationship, they have physically moved, or a loved one has passed over. All three scenarios have appeared in my readings, being announced by this one mysterious enigmatic card.
Ace/cups: I’ve noticed that this card almost always comes up for someone who is alone, romantically speaking, and that’s because this card heralds a new relationship on the horizon.  Love is coming, just hold on to your hat, listen for that special voice, watch for those eyes that captivate you.  You’ll know it when you see it, when you hear it, when you feel it.  That’s what the Ace of Cups says, be ready, open, willing to take it all in and embrace the moment.
 There are many types of relationships, and many types of people who come and go from our lives in a variety of ways and at various stages.
I was doing readings in a book store once, when a young girl, about twelve years old, came into my booth.  I generally don’t read for children, but this was a Harry Potter in-store book party, so parents were at hand.
 She sat down across from me, very wide-eyed, quiet, and expectant, absolutely adorable.  As I turned the cards for her, this card, the Ace of Cups, came up (reversed).  I was hesitant at first, then I told her, “This card, when it comes up this way, often means that someone we love has left.  But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that they’ve ‘gone away’ for a while.”
 Her eyes opened wide in amazement, and the expression on her face was like a light bulb going on.  She opened her little mouth and enthusiastically began telling me about her cousin, her dearest friend, how they’d been together ever since they were ‘little’; and how her cousin and her cousin’s family had just moved away.  She told me how sad she was, how much she missed her cousin and all about plans to visit each other.  She prattled on and on, and I just sat and let her talk.
 When she left my booth, she met her mother on the other side with a high-pitched incredulous voice, “She said that someone I loved had left, but that it was okay!”  I could hear her enthusiastically talking to her mother, her chattering little voice fading as they walked away.
Ace/wands: If you’re thinking of starting your own business, changing careers or companies, or in any way starting over where employment and a career are concerned, this is the card you want to see.  It’s like the green light at a drag race.  When you see it, step on the gas, put the pedal to the metal, and roar down the pathway, cause it’s clear and victory can be yours at the end of the line.
 Just remember, once in a while this card turns up reversed, and it says, “Hang on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”  No one ever said that beginnings and change are easy and effortless, and it’s this little glitch that usually catches people off guard.
Ace/pentacles: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; hold on to what you have; a hand-out; kiss my ass…These are only a few of the impressions left with me by the Ace of pentacles.  I suppose I should be all happy and hopeful and grateful when this card comes along. Traditionally it means ‘new financial beginnings’, tra-la-la. Big fat deal.  This card is chintzy.  It wants to make you think it’s all rich and important and that it’s going to be bringing you some tremendous miraculous windfall.  It lies.
 The Ace of pentacles is just like some sparkling toothy smiling man with a big car and a wad of cash in his pocket.  He’s never what he seems to be, and he never delivers on anything, including sex, money, or personality.
 In the end, it’s a big let-down.
The above text are excerpts from my books:
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Winter Solstice: December Magick, the Whys & Hows

winter solstice 1
Happy Winter Solstice!
 Named for: “Decem”, meaning ‘ten’
Anglo-Saxon: Midwintra-monap
Birthstone: turquoise, zircon
Flower: holly, narcissus, poinsettia
December Moon Magick:
Oak Moon
Herbs: cedar wood, juniper, sage, star anise, carnation
Stones: lapis, smoky quartz, lazulite
Scents: violet, patchouli, frankincense, myrrh, rose geranium
Colors: red, white, black
Trees: pine, fir, holly
Deities: Hathor, Hecate, Athese
Elements: Fire/Water
Astrological Influences for December:
ruled by Jupiter, projective/masculine, mutable/fire
 ruled by Saturn, receptive/feminine, cardinal/earth
Pagan Holiday:
Winter Solstice/Yule
December 21
Winter Solstice…the longest day of darkness in the year; and with the darkness comes the promise of light, the rebirth of the Sun. It is no wonder, because of the importance of this date to the ancient pagans and the symbolism involved, that the Roman church chose this date to celebrate the birth of Christ.
 This is the time that the brothers battle– the Holly King & the Oak King. The Oak King will win this fight with his brother, and light and warmth will return to the Earth.
 Herbs: frankincense, myrrh, sage, bayberry, rosemary
Altar Flowers/Herbs: holly, mistletoe, pine cones, evergreen, thistle, cedar
Feast Foods: fruitcake, gingerbread, cranberries, dried fruit, eggnog, cider/wine
Animals: white buffalo, stag, weasels, owls, squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, doves
Incense: bayberry, cedar, frankincense, myrrh, orange, sage, rosemary
Rituals/Spells: hearth and home magick, lighting the Yule log, hopes and dreams spells, wishes
 (The information above is from, “Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”,  by Amythyst Raine)
© Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way, Amythyst Raine, 2011
Magickal Herbs for the Holidays:
 mortar_pestle-1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
Gender:  Masculine
Planet:  Mars
Element:  Fire
Powers:  Protection, anti-lightening, luck, dream magic
 Magical Uses:
Holly is a protective herb used to keep you safe from lightening, poison, and evil spirits.  Planted around the home, it keeps the occupants safe from black magic.  Holly is said to tame wild animals, and holly water sprinkled on newborn babies will protect them. This herb is carried to promote good luck– especially when carried by men, because its energy is masculine.  At Yule time its hung around the house for good luck.  It's said that holly leaves added to a mojo bag and kept beneath your pillow will make your dreams come true.
Gender:  Feminine
Planet:  Saturn
Element:  Water
Powers:  Protection, healing
 Magical Uses:
Ivy is carried by women for good luck in general, and is traditionally carried by brides for this reason.
Where Ivy is grown or scattered, its suppose to guard against negativity and disaster.  Its also used in fidelity and love charms and spells.
Ivy is magically “paired” with holly as a potent charm.
Magickal Stones for the Holiday Season:
To commemorate the season, we’re going to look at stones that promote “Peace”.
Energy:  Receptive (feminine)
Planet:  Moon
Element:  Water
Powers:  Psychism, love, meditaiton, peace, defensive magic, healing, power, money
 Magical Uses:
Sapphires are worn to awaken the third eye chakra and increase your psychic powers.  This stone is said to be the ‘guardian of love’, promoting positive feelings and fidelity between couples.  The sapphire also banishes envy, promotes positive social interaction, and is said to reconcile foes.  Sapphires are worn during meditation to induce a peaceful state.
Energy:  Receptive (feminine)
Planet:  Venus
Element:  Water
Powers:  Healing, peace, meditation, wisdom
Magical Uses:
Sodalite is a healing stone used for emotionally related diseases, such as those caused by stress, nervousness, anger, or fear.  This stone is said to dispel fear and guilt and to calm inner turmoil.
This is also a popular stone for meditation, said to promote wisdom.

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Gingerbread: A Magickal Recipe for Yule

As the Kitchen Witch knows, natural magick can be found in certain foods and recipes with the use of herbs. Your most mundane everyday recipe can be chock full of magick. Most people would be surprised at how pertinent the use of certain spices and herbs are, particularly in holiday recipes centered around festivals and celebration. Following is a recipe for gingerbread, an old time favorite for this winter season; and following the recipe is a list of the ingredients used that contain the spark of magick.
m_BAshwood6-1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
2 1/2 cups flour 1 cup molasses
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup shortening
1 egg 1 1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ginger
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp. ground cloves
1 cup boiling water
In a large bowl, measure all the ingredients. With a mixer at low speed, beat until well mixed, constantly scraping the bowl with a rubber spatula. Beat at medium speed 3 minutes. Pour the batter into a pan and bake 55-60 minutes at 350 degrees
We'll look at some of the ingredients now from a magickal perspective:
Cinnamon: Spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love
Ginger: Love, money, success, power
Salt: Purification, protection, grounding, money
Cloves: Protection, exorcism, love, money
Sugar: Love, lust

Candle Magick

1's as easy as striking a match and lighting a candle-- it is, really. It's called 'candle magick', and there is a rhyme and reason behind it. (I know, this post might be boring for all the practicing witches out there who do this type of magic all the time, those who've done it for years, those who can do it blind-folded. But there are so many new witches on the horizon, so many emails and questions coming in, bear with me-- and definitely feel free to leave your own advice in the comments below. Everyone has their own little way of doing things, everyone has discovered magickal little tweaks that work for them, there is a gazillion ways to do magick. Pass your information along.)


What do want? What are you trying to change? What's your magickal intention? You have to know; you have to be specific; you have to have thought this out, have it squared away in your head. It has to be strong and definite in your mind, or you will not be able to successfully move the energy along to manifest this intention into the world.

Second...Candle Color

Once you definitely know what you want, what you're trying to accomplish with this magick, you have to decide on what color of candle you'll need. This is important. The color of the candle is associated with very definite images, intentions, magick; connected even to the elements (earth, air, fire, water); connected to the planets (astrological/magickal associations). Everything is so connected it's unreal; most people have no idea.

Red Candles

For the element of Fire, for the planet Mars-- it's all about hot sizzling passion, whether your intention is for physical passion with a prospective mate, or just that wild over-the-top passion for justice or a particular cause. Red candles will create the kind of energy that moves things along like gang-busters. Think of those phrases: "too hot to handle", "red-hot", "I'm seeing red"; there's a reason for these confirmations.

Green Candles

For the element of Earth-- health and money, two basic necessities of life. Face it, you won't be living very well if you don't have enough of either one. The green candle for planet Earth-- Mother Gaia, the embodiment of our world, a metaphor for the Mother Goddess, representative of our physical world (our bodies). Just as people of other spiritual paths request healing and prosperity from their god(s), so the witch turns to divinity, but in her case, it's not a request, as divinity is part of the witch and the witch is part of divinity. It's a different relationship within the metaphysical realm.

Yellow Candles

For the element of Air, for the planet Mercury-- communication, creativity, mental endeavors. it's all about pure thought, our mind, that intangible part of ourselves that make us who we are. Those cliques that are coming to me right now: "thoughts move mountains", "what we think is what we are". The mental aspect of us is the most powerful, some believing that it embodies our soul, our spirit, that which will survive eternally. It's also about communication-- communication with other human beings, with divinity, with ourselves. Use the yellow candle when you have something to say, something that needs to be heard.

Blue Candles

For the element of Water...light a blue candle to invoke the Goddess, to enhance your dreams and intuition. Use the blue candle to come to terms with your emotions, for understanding, for resolution, for enhancement. The blue candle for the heavenly body, the Moon: pagan spirituality, the goddess (all three aspects), magick, blessings, running with the tide (waxing and waning-- drawing in, sending away). Use the blue candle for women's issues, with the knowledge that you are tapping into something indescribably ancient and indescribably wise.

White Candles

You can use a white candle as a substitute for any other color. But the white candle is also used particularly for cleansing and purification. Use a white candle for House Blessings, or for cleansing any space. Use a white candle for invoking and honoring divinity. Use a white candle for pure energy. Use a white candle for inspiration, for clarity, for peace.

Black Candles

The black candle, for the planet Saturn...use the energy of this candle to return-to-sender negative energy, bad thoughts, curses, ill-wishes sent your way. Use the energy of the black candle for retribution and justice. Use the black candle to catch the bad guy, to banish something (or someone) nasty. Use the black candle to regain personal power taken from you through injustice.


The following information is a paragraph taken from my online book,

You can work with tea candles, votive candles, pillar candles, or hoodoo seven day candles. You’ll allow these spell candles to burn themselves out at one sitting, or you’ll light them at appropriate times over the course of a period of time. You will save the wax from these candles to be used in mojo bags; you’ll bury it; throw it into running water; or toss it in the trash. You will prepare these candles to work their magick when you anoint (dress) these candles with a variety of magickal oils-- or a little olive oil, if you don’t have a stock of magickal oils on hand. You will use your athame, or another sharp object, to carve into the spell candle the name of your target, sigils and symbols relating to your intention, or designs of your own creation. You will roll these oiled candles in a variety of pulverized crushed herbs depending on your intentions and the desired outcome you wish for your magick.

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Tarot, Tarot, Tarot...Find Your Answers Here

I often  receive emails from people who are looking for quick answers to provide unique insight to a single question.  Although I’m not able to respond to every email that comes my way, I’ve chosen a few questions to answer here using a two-card draw.

Marcie:  “Will my boyfriend & I get married this year?”8/wands     4/wands
Yes, Marcie, and it’s going to happen faster than you think.  This year will find you blessed with a celebration.

Tammy:  “Will I get pregnant this year?”
Knight/wands     Ace/cups (R)
No, Tammy, not this year; and even if you did, you most likely would not be able to carry this pregnancy through.  When the time is right, nature will take its course.

Allan:  “Will my mother & I ever reconcile?”
2/pentacles     The Empress (R)
Not in this lifetime.  There appears to be such an imbalance within the dynamics of this relationship that by the time it’s straightened out, it most likely will be too late.  On the other hand, if you feel an urgent overwhelming need to reconcile, drop everything and do so now– quickly.  Time is running out.

Jake:  “Will my current health problems stabilize?”
Death     5/pentacles
No, your health issues, if anything, will be more tumultuous this year.  The fallout from these new developments will be an issue with medical bills and your insurance company.

Bea:  “Will my husband & I resolve our issues?”
7/swords     6/swords
It looks like your marital issues may be resolved permanently, through legal action.  It also appears that someone is up to some sneaky behavior, best lay things out on the table right now.  It’s time to divy up property and belongings and move on.


The following is an excerpt from an actual online (emailed) tarot reading.  Names have been changed to protect my client’s anonymity.

What do the cards hold for *Stacy*?

The Empress

This is the card of fertility, femininity, female issues, feminine power, the maternal– It’s the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent moon, which in essence is the Goddess, though most people don’t realize this.  The image of a spiral comes to mind again– in the first group of cards, this is how I viewed the two diverging paths, but this is a single spiral, a solitary path, your path, one you need to explore to discover the next phase of your life.  I’m also picking up from this card:  a spirit that stays close to you, perhaps subtly influencing some of your decisions; you’re psychic, or you dream dreams with a psychic bent to them– and this can be how the spirit influences you.  I feel that it’s either a loved one who’s passed or a spirit guide.  You may have a spirituality about you, or deep thoughts on the subject, that you haven’t shared yet with anyone.

2/swords ®     Queen/swords ®     7/swords ®

On my…so many swords and all of them reversed.

Let’s start off:

First, the two of swords…you’re at a crossroads in your life, and just like the blind-folded figure on this card, you can’t decide which way you want to go.  You’re also walking a tight-rope, meaning you’re going to have to ditch the blind-fold in order to take a good look at all your options.  You can’t afford to step into a situation without being prepared to face all the consequences.  And you can’t hold this position forever, you have to make a decision when it’s put before you, and it may not be an easy decision to make– the important ones rarely are.

This Queen traditionally represents a solitary female figure– the widow, the divorcee, the independent woman, an intelligent woman, often a professional woman.  This Queen puts on a stronger front than the other Queens.  She hesitates to show any sign of weakness and sometimes comes across as a much cooler and more aloof person than she actually is.  This Queen feels deeply and can be wounded much more easily than anyone would ever guess.

In order to discover love, you have to be willing to open yourself up, and this is very tricky, because in doing so, you are also opening yourself up to the possibility of being hurt.  It’s an unusual balance between being strong and protecting yourself, and being pliable enough to allow someone into your heart.  The older a woman gets, the less willing she is to do this.

If this Queen is not you, but a woman in your life– she is a woman who has the capability to make your life a living hell.

The bickering, confrontations, victory at a price– all traditional meanings of this card.  I always tell people, when this card comes up, to choose your battles wisely in order to conserve your strength.  You can’t take on the entire world, just take on enough of it to make your own little corner cozy and livable.

I also see in this card:  a sly fox, someone you shouldn’t necessarily trust– kind of like a weasel in the hen house; distance– distance between you and a group of people…emotional distance, an inability to agree, a distrust (rightfully so), plotting, backstabbing.  If you’ve been in an active argument or disagreeable situation with a group of people, and you feel you’ve resolved the issue– don’t think it’s over yet.  Awareness is a great advantage.

I wish I could have said, “I see a tall, dark, handsome stranger.”; but I don’t.  I see personal issues for you to work through, which come first, and are so much more important to your well-being.  Also, when The Empress comes up, and with it all these swords, I advise my female clients to watch their health closely in regards to feminine issues– don’t cancel your mammogram or put off your yearly pap test.  This is not something to be alarmed by, just the powers that be tapping you on the shoulder so that you don’t forget to take care of yourself.
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