About the Witch

Once upon a time, there was a little girl...

She was a very good little girl, really, she was.  Just a bit different is all.  She hated going to Mass.  She balked and argued, whined and bawled, and threw a frightful fit, but always lost in the end. 
She spent her childhood talking to animals, communing with trees, developing telepathic relationships with the oddest things-- like her Halloween pumpkin, a spider in the attic window, and a very spooky life-size doll-- a disturbing haunted doll, it was, but that's another story.
She became quiet and compliant, and grew and grew and grew.
Until one day, as a teen-ager, there was a really, really bad boy who had to go away.  Hmmmm, she thought, how will she make this bad, bad boy go away?
And then, the idea came to her-- a wild idea, an incredible idea.
Feverishly, she began gathering articles from around the house-- a red candle, a red ink pen, a photograph of the Really Really Bad Boy, matches, and other odds and ends.  With pounding heart, arms full of 'stuff'', she descended the stairs to the dark dank cellar of her grandmother's house.
Amid quivering shadows cast by the flame of a red candle, she shouted and raved at the image, marking a large red 'x' across his mid-section; then, with a final stab of the pen, she spit on the image and held it to the bouncing flame-- up it went, blackening, shriveling,
And in that first most magickal moment, as the energy began to build and swirl about her feet and race up her legs in a magickal rush, she knew.
She knew that she was 

 witch 12

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